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Special Adaptive Housing / SAH

Adaptive housing and adaptive home design enable people who only have wheelchair-free access to most areas of the home, including bathrooms, kitchen tables and outdoor areas, to enable them to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Residential Remodeling

An adapted home can help a person who is confined to a wheelchair feel more independent and confident. It enables them to do many things for themselves that they would otherwise need for someone else to help them.

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers specially adapted housing allowances (SAH) to veterans or military personnel who meet qualification standards. SAH grants help veterans with certain service-related disabilities live independently in an accessible environment.

SAH grants enable battle-injured veterans to maintain their independence and live their lives with respect, dignity, and honor. With these VA grants, eligible soldiers and female soldiers can find accommodation that is specifically tailored to their personal needs.

These special grants for those eligible for permanent and total disability compensation can be offered for building a house. These new homes may offer lightness and design intelligence tailored to the warrior's handicap. If such a situation is not possible, this subsidy can also be used to find an already existing apartment, purchase it and adapt it to the needs of the disabled person, regardless of whether it is a full rehabilitation or partial changes.

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